Doing Your Bit

We all know there is too much plastic in the world and the path to a sustainable society is not always clear

Making small changes can have a big impact.  If everyone makes a few changes we can work towards a better environment for everyone.

Small Changes

There are some simple everyday changes that we can all make in order to reduce our plasic consumption:  Buy a reusable coffee cup and waterbottle, swap your plastic toothbrush for a bamboo one, use wax wrap instead of cling film and take your own containers to refill dried food, toiletries and cleaning products.

How It Works

When you come into our store, weigh your container, fill it with whatever you choose, re-weigh and pay.  Simple!  You decide how much you want and only pay for that amount.

For food items you can bring in your own glass jars, tupperware and old takeaway containers, or alternatively use the paper bags we have in-store.

For liquids such as laundry liquid, washing-up liquid and shampoo, simply bring in your old bottles and fill them up.  You can bring in whatever you like, be it an old washing-up liquid bottle or glass bottle.  If you already have a plastic bottle at home that you've just finished, bring it along and top it up.

We will have jars and bottles available in-store, if needed.  For cleaning and shower products, we will also have some pre-filled bottles which you can take away and then bring back to refill when they're empty.